Why Us?

Raglan Rest Home and Hospital – Loving Hearts, Caring Hands.

The motto encompasses the philosophy of the Raglan Rest Home and Hospital – the team and the wider community are totally invested in providing the best experience possible for all that have contact with us.

The Facility is warm, light, with views that warm the heart. The people in the Facility, whether they are residents, visitors, family, staff, contractors, volunteers or entertainers, are all met with loving hearts and caring hands.

We are here to walk alongside those that need support in their journey and to welcome those that are part of that journey as well.

We are flexible, we will try whatever it takes, to make things as good as we can get them to be. We learn not only from our own experiences, but from the experiences of others and from our mistakes. We strive to continually improve on all fronts.

We consult with the Community, with Maori, with family, friends and residents so we can provide the best care possible.

Always we are guided by loving hearts and caring hands.

Come and join us.