Activities are at the heart of the Raglan Rest Home and Hospital and we continually strive to come up with new ideas that meet the ever-changing needs of the residents. We are always open to trying new things and discarding those that are not working at any particular time.

Activities can be anything from a quiet chat, holding a hand, going for a walk; to creating something new or a passive or active experience.

Raglan Rest Home and Hospital facilitates a large range of activities, striving to meet a wide variety of desires, interests and needs.

The Raglan Community, volunteers, family, staff and paid entertainers are an integral part of the activities that occur at Raglan Rest Home and Hospital – some of which are planned while others are more spontaneous.

Visiting groups are warmly welcomed into the Raglan Rest Home and Hospital Community – the Senior Citizens group meets at the Facility and joins residents for lunch each month.

Mums and Bubs join the residents once a fortnight for a sharing and caring time.

The Horticultural Society work with Residents to grow and enjoy a variety of plants.

Raglan Rest Home and Hospital have close relationships with local schools and kindergartens engaging in reciprocal visits.

A wide variety of visiting musicians, craftspeople, speakers, Kaumatua, ministers, massage therapist’s etcetera are integral parts of the Raglan Rest Home and Hospital community.

A church service is regularly held on site while several Residents go to Community Church services.

RSA visit and some Residents go out to the Raglan Club

 A hairdresser visits every six weeks for those essential trims and restyles – there is a charge for this service.


The following is a list of some of the activities that occur

  • Karaoke

  • Movies

  • Art/Poetry

  • Word games, bowls, cards

  • Exercise sessions

  • Newspaper Reading

  • Cooking, jam making

  • Shopping table

  • Sensory experiences e.g. Farmyard breakfast, sensory trays

  • Mad hatter’s day, Fancy dress, Queens birthday, Melbourne Cup, Rugby Days

  • Animal visits

  • Harvest, Easter, Christmas Festivals

  • Facility Jigsaw

  • Outings – cafes, shopping trips, community tours

  • International Days

  • Knitting Group

  • Building group

  • Sand modelling

  • Teaching Sessions

  • Memorial Services

  • Garden Parties

  • Fathers, Mothers and Valentines Days



Raglan Rest Home and Hospital are the home to Jake and Toby, the resident cats. These two young lads provide comfort, support and entertainment to many of the Residents.

When Toby was very new to the Facility, a kitten recently rescued from the Cats Protection League, a resident entered the facility that was nearing the end of her life. Toby made an instant connection with both the resident and her family. Toby was there comforting them throughout the days leading up to her death and then after her passing he went into her room with the family and jumped onto her bed to say a fond farewell – the family shared this story with us as they were in awe of this little man.

Interestingly the next person who came into the Facility in a similar situation Toby gave a wide berth – his daughter later shared that this Resident never did like cats!

 Fish – We have resident cold-water fish in an indoor tank and outside pond. 


The Menus are designed and monitored by a Consultant Chef, with the cooking undertaken by a qualified Chef and assistants.

The team works hard to meet a wide variety of dietary needs and desires. There are always alternatives available to the planned menu at no extra cost.

Celebrations are catered for – birthdays, mid-winter feasts, high teas, happy hour, etc.